As a resident of Commerce City, CO, you probably rely on your air conditioner a lot in the summer. Temperatures start climbing into the 80s in June and can go even higher in July and August. If you have a damaged AC in need of repair and a homeowners insurance policy, you may have the right to file a claim to get a new unit. Not all insurers cover AC units, but many do as long as your claim meets some specific requirements.

Personal Property Coverage

Not everyone in Colorado has modern HVAC systems. Some people still rely on window units. With a window AC, you simply place one in an open window and secure it there. It plugs into a nearby outlet. If you have personal property coverage, your policy may cover the unit. You can contact the insurer if someone steals the air conditioner or a storm damages it.

Dwelling Coverage

Whether you have a new HVAC system or an older central cooling system, make sure your homeowners insurance includes dwelling coverage. As the system is part of your home, your dwelling coverage pays for damage to it under some circumstances. A good example of when you can file a claim is after a fire. If the fire did any damage to the system, contact your insurer. The company may find someone and attempt to repair it first.

You should get a replacement if the fire destroyed it or you suffered any other damage that keeps it from working. As long as the AC is a permanent part of your home, your policy should cover it.

When Does Insurance Cover ACs?

Insurers usually cover AC units when they sustain damage caused by certain perils. Perils include most types of storms and storm damage such as hail. Your policy will also pay for a replacement AC due to damage caused by lightning.

While Colorado sees floods every few years, your policy doesn’t necessarily cover flood damage. You must have an insurance policy that includes flood coverage. Most insurers allow you to add this as an optional form of coverage. Not only will flood insurance cover the cost of a replacement AC, but it also pays for water damage to your walls, floors, and wiring.

A homeowners insurance policy also pays for replacements for units damaged by falling objects and fire or smoke. Even if you have a minor fire in your home, there’s a chance that the smoke will adhere to the walls and get inside the unit. You may still smell smoke after changing the filters. With dwelling coverage, your policy will pay for the new unit you need. You can also contact your insurer if a tree fell and landed on the AC.

Can You Always File an Insurance Claim?

No, you cannot always file an insurance claim and get a new AC. Most insurers will not cover HVAC systems or AC units that are older. These systems have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. If you have one that keeps breaking down because it’s older, the chances are good that your insurer will not pay for a new one.

Some of the other times when your insurance won’t cover your AC include the following:

  • When it suffers problems as the result of bad or nonprofessional installation
  • If squirrels, mice, and other wild animals damage it
  • When damage is the result of general wear and tear

What Is Breakdown Equipment Coverage?

Many insurers that offer homeowners policies also offer breakdown equipment coverage. This is an optional form of insurance you can add to your policy that protects against system and appliance breakdowns. It covers any factors beyond your control that can damage the equipment. For example, if an electrical surge fries your AC, the coverage will pay for a new unit. One of the nice things about breakdown equipment coverage is that it covers all your appliances and systems, such as your washer and dryer and your plumbing and electrical systems.

Assistance With Buying and Installing a New AC

No matter where you live in the Commerce City area, you can rely on our team at Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning. We believe in going above and beyond to keep our customers happy. Our services include cooling and heating repair, installation, and maintenance. We also offer duct sealing, humidifier installation, and other services to improve your indoor air quality. If you’re considering filing an insurance claim to get an AC replacement, contact us at Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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