Your air conditioner is a big part of your life during the summers in Commerce City. You rely on the AC to keep your home cool so you aren’t miserable. As such, your AC needs additional care to give you all the benefits you enjoy.

What Is Annual Maintenance?

Experts recommend servicing your air conditioner once a year to prepare the system for the upcoming heat. Your technician will inspect your machine and identify potential problems.

Our technicians perform comprehensive maintenance and tune-up services for your air conditioner.
  • Visually inspect the cooling system
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Clear the condensate drain
  • Clean the condenser and evaporator coils
  • Check the refrigerant and refill as needed
  • Test safety controls and mechanisms
  • Assess for odd smells and sounds
  • Calibrate the thermostat

Annual air conditioner maintenance is an essential service. Neglecting to schedule maintenance for your cooling system has many dire consequences that could leave you uncomfortable and dry up your pocketbook.

Decreased Energy Efficiency

When your air conditioner has damaged parts, it may have to work harder to provide the same level of comfort. This increased workload means that the system uses more energy to maintain the same temperature in the house. Neglecting to schedule routine maintenance can cause your air conditioner to consume noticeable amounts of extra electricity and gas, increasing your utility bills.

Increased Risk of Failure

Your annual maintenance appointment is a great time for your technician to spot signs of damage and excess wear inside your cooling system. Spotting problems early can help eliminate surprise breakdowns later in the season. Without maintenance, you may suddenly find yourself sweating inside the house when your air conditioner decides to quit. Additionally, you’ll find the extra costs of emergency repair service to be quite a disappointment.

More Frequent Replacements

A well-cared-for air conditioner can give you 10-20 years of efficient and reliable cooling. However, if you fail to perform maintenance every year, this lifespan can be reduced drastically. Without annual maintenance, you could have to replace your AC up to twice as often to avoid costly repairs and decreased efficiency.

Lowered Sufficiency

Even if your air conditioner continues to pump out cold air, it may be insufficient if you don’t schedule annual maintenance. Over time, your machine may not be able to provide an ideal temperature throughout your home. Routine maintenance identifies weaknesses within your system, allowing you to enjoy sufficient cooling.

Poor Air Quality

Annual maintenance for your AC includes cleaning the units and removing excess dust and debris. Without this cleaning, your indoor air quality may suffer. You’ll have dust and allergens floating around your home all summer, making it more difficult to breathe.

Voided Warranties

Most new air conditioners come with a manufacturer’s warranty on original parts. This warranty generally covers the replacement of certain components and sometimes pays for the labor associated with the service. Further, if you have a faulty machine that requires replacement completely, the warranty may cover that for a certain length of time. However, most warranties stipulate that annual maintenance must be performed to avoid losing coverage.

Insurance Issues

Homeowner’s insurance policies typically cover losses due to faulty equipment. For example, if your air conditioner malfunctions and causes a fire, your insurance may cover the replacement of your home and belongings. However, if the insurance company finds that you haven’t had maintenance performed on your air conditioner to ensure safety, they may refuse to cover your losses. If this happens, you’ll be stuck shelling out every penny needed to repair your home and replace your possessions.

The expert technicians at Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning are highly skilled through extensive on-the-job training. We take pride in providing comprehensive maintenance service for your HVAC system. We also offer repair and installation services for your heating and cooling units. If you need a wider range of options for home comfort, we can help with heat pumps and mini-split systems as well. Trust us with your furnace and air conditioner and we’ll show you why we are the top-rated HVAC service provider in Commerce City.

Avoid losing the benefits of a reliable and efficient air conditioning system. Call Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule your annual AC maintenance.

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