Homeowners often worry about their comfort levels as temperatures rise. When the bill comes due, however, they wonder if they overdid things. Paying high bills month after month can drain your finances. Here are some ways to avoid that problem.

Make Sure the Home Is Insulated

If cool air escapes through door and window frames, then the AC runs longer and harder to bring down temperatures. Have a professional check your home for drafts and other ways cool air may escape. Seal up those imperfections and keep the cool air inside. Sometimes, the way to seal cracks costs next to nothing. DIY kits could be enough. If not, then find a professional capable of handling the job.

Don’t Run the Air Conditioner 24/7

Unless absolutely necessary, don’t run the air conditioner all day and all night. The longer the air conditioner operates, the more electricity it uses. Electricity use then translates into bigger cooling bills month after month. Be prudent with your AC use. At Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning, we install energy-efficient AC units for customers who do require all-day use.

Keep Doors To Unoccupied Rooms Closed

Why cool a room if no one is inside it? If all the doors to every room remain open, cold air enters those rooms. You now need more cold air for space you occupy. Close doors to bedrooms, pantries, and elsewhere when you aren’t in them. Otherwise, you’ll pay for keeping an empty room comfortable for nobody.

Pick A Reasonably Comfortable Temperature

Everyone has a different comfort level, and some comfort levels cost more than others. Keeping the home at 65 degrees costs less than 60. Does the temperate have to be extremely low? If a higher temperature provides comfort, sticking with that temp could keep monthly bills lower.

Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning has long provided quality service to customers in Commerce City. If you want a new, efficient AC system installed, call our offices today. We also handle heating and cooling repair, maintenance, and replacement.

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