Most people tend to think that switching off lights has little impact on energy efficiency. However, it’s important to remember that many bricks build a wall. By using energy efficiently, you’ll contribute to an earth-friendly cause and save yourself some money. The following are five energy efficiency tips you can adopt at home.

1. Dry Your Clothes Out In The Wind And Sun Rather Than With A Dryer

The dryer contributes to 6 percent of the bills in American homes. Unlike the dryer, sunlight has natural properties for bleaching and disinfecting stains and germs. Clothes tend to dry fast in windy and sunny conditions.

How: You can establish hanging lines in your backyard.

2. Switch Off The Lights During The Day Or When They’re Not In Use

During the day in most homes, you can depend on natural light from the sun. Remember, each minute the light bulb is on contributes to the electricity bill little by little.

How: Remember to switch off the lights in the house that don’t play a security role. During the day, you should turn off all lights, including any security lights.

3. Switch To LED And Compact Fluorescent Lights

Compact fluorescent lights have a longer life span compared to the conventional incandescent. Furthermore, fluorescent lights consume about 50 to 80 percent less energy than conventional bulbs.

How: You need to change to these energy-saving bulbs, which turn out to be cheaper in the long run.

4. Work Smarter With Less Energy-Consuming Gadgets

Laptops consume up to three-fourths less energy of what a desktop computer consumes. A laptop is a remote device that’s more flexible. Furthermore, you can unplug it and save money on your electricity bill.

How: You should invest in a laptop and smart power strip. A smart power strip is a gadget that will disconnect the energy flow when you’re not using the device.

5. Keep Foods And Drinks In The Fridge Wrapped

When you leave consumables uncovered, they emit moisture into the fridge and more time and energy is delegated to keeping them cold.

How: Use plastic wrap to trap any food moisture. Even better, a reusable container is more efficient toward the environment and your costs.

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