When people think of indoor allergies, what usually comes to mind are things like pet dander, cigarette smoke, dust, or maybe even some kinds of food allergies. These all present serious problems, but, what about some lesser-known indoor allergies? These are the things that can go unnoticed for months, or even years, in a home before people realize they’ve been triggering allergic reactions and making them miserable. Some of them could even be in your home right now, and they could be to blame if you constantly feel sick for no apparent reason.

There are several allergens that can cause problems for homeowners and their indoor air quality, but we’re going to cover four that tend to get ignored more often than not. You probably won’t want to hear about these things or think about them in your home, but you should still keep them in mind if you always feel physically miserable in your own home these may be contributing to indoor air pollution.

Dust Mites

Dust mites can be found in 90 percent of all homes, but due to their small size and translucent bodies they are practically invisible to the naked eye. Their waste and exoskeletons can trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions. It is estimated that 47 percent of bedding throughout North America has enough dust mite allergens to trigger an allergic reaction.


Most people consider cockroaches more of a pest control problem, but their dusty bodies and their waste can trigger a person’s allergies. Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to kill off, and they can be present in a home for years before their presence is known and affecting indoor air quality.


There are several types of fungi that can live in a home. They can be found in air ducts, underneath carpets or in wastebaskets. It can even be found feeding off of dust mite waste in a home’s bedding. Fungus spores can cause allergic reactions and make a nasty illness even worse.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are like cockroaches in that they are often seen as problems for an exterminator, but they can still aggravate a person’s allergies.  As the urine of these rodents dries, it can get into a ventilation system and cause problems throughout a home.  Much like cockroaches, rats and mice can be in your home for months before they are discovered.

Indoor Allergen SOLUTION: Whole Home Air Purifiers

These four indoor allergens are frighteningly common, and they deserve the same attention as pet dander, smoke and other more obvious triggers for allergies. Since these problems so often go unnoticed, it’s difficult to completely rid your home of them.  The best way to deal with the allergens mentioned above is to install a whole-home air purifier to improve indoor air quality. To reduce indoor air pollution the most affordable, long term solution is a whole-home air purifier.  These easily connect directly to your HVAC system and work throughout your entire home. These systems will greatly improve the air quality throughout your entire home consistently.  This gives you peace of mind that you are taking strong preventative measures to improve the comfort and health of your family.  You will be surprised what a difference a whole-home air purifiers can make in the home.  Contact your local HVAC company for information about connecting air purification systems to your furnace and air conditioner.

By Frank Prestwood

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