Times are changing for sure. Each year, new weather extremes pummel the nation. Those living in Denver, however, are more than used to the challenges of the cold. Following is an in-depth review of 2016 CO weather from the services for heating and cooling repair Denver Colorado residents trust.

This year was filled with snow. In fact, there was record-breaking snowfall right up until the earliest months of spring. This also lead to some surprisingly low temperatures and a major increase in home energy use. People who have been using coal, wood and other, similar forms of heat quickly discovered that having a functional, modern heating system is the ideal. There is no need to worry about fuel shortages or delivery issues.

During the months of December, locals saw the absolute coldest day of the year. In fact, temperatures plummeted a full 15 degrees below zero. Moreover, January and February saw some major snow totals. In the first several weeks of February alone, more than 10 inches of white powder hit the ground.

Snow showers throughout the winter gave spring a bountiful boost. In fact, this give the local campus flowers the stimulation they need for a colorful bloom in early March. Sadly, however, the snow storms for the year were hardly finished. Nearly 20 inches of snow fell by March 23. This broke all records, making for the absolute snowiest days in march and one of the biggest snowfall events in all of Denver history. So much for the early blooms.

There are definitely a few things that locals can learn from this new and still emerging weather pattern. Foremost among these is that the notion of global warming may be a bit of a misnomer. While there is a definite warming trend at one end of the globe, people throughout the United States are seeing longer, heavier and far more severe winters overall.

It took some time for the last of the March snow to melt away, but this opened the door to beautiful cloud formations, brilliant sunsets and a vibrant spring. The winter was hard and homeowners who were not prepared for their increased fuel demands also found it to be quite costly. Fortunately, there are a number of things that can be done to brace for what lies ahead.

To start with, all home heating and cooling units should be properly serviced before the winter starts. This remains true even if you normally have this work performed at the start of the summer. With winter lasting well into March, you cannot afford to put this maintenance off for a whole year.

For some homeowners, it may even be time to consider upgrading this important equipment. Some of the latest and most efficient designs will dramatically reduce your spending on gas or electricity in future years. If your HVAC equipment is nearing the end of its lifetime and is decidedly far from the most recent efficiency standards, this is going to be an investment that will definitely pay for itself. Best of all, it will do so within a very short span of time.

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