Too often we don’t think about it until we are forced to – and then it is usually too late. These are those things around us that we use all the time and just take for granted, our vehicles, our refrigerators and when it gets hot… our beloved air conditioners. Fortunately, we can prevent those unexpected failures and also extend the life of these often overlooked but appreciated machines and appliances. The really good news is that taking care of our air conditioning unit means our AC will take care of us too and possibly for a very long time.

Tips to Help Extend the Life and Improve the Performance of Your AC Unit
While there are many reasons to give our air conditioner the appropriate time, attention and care it deserves, we rarely do. These basic tips will help your unit to perform better and run longer.

Regular Inspections
How many times do we walk by or near our air conditioning systems without stopping to give them a second glance? Simply taking the time once a month to inspect for leaks, visible vent connections, and air flow issues are important. Not only can this prevent greater and more expensive issues it will also alert you to any current or upcoming servicing needs.

Regular Servicing
If you are maintaining a regular service schedule for your AC unit, then your regular inspections should be most commonly an act of due diligence. Regular servicing should include the following services:

  • Cleaning of the Physical Unit
  • Duct Inspection and Cleaning
  • Regular Filter Changes
  • Professional Tune-Ups
  • A Little Time and Attention Pays Off

Simply taking a little time to care for your air conditioner will provide you will a more efficient cooling system and save you money. Turning your air conditioner off when not in use and ensuring good ventilation will also help extend the life of your unit(s). Paying attention to and servicing your AC pays off now and in the long run.

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