Those who are considering installing an air conditioner in their home may want to take some time to do research before moving forward with the process. After all, understanding the basics of air conditioning can be helpful when consulting a professional. However, not everybody has the time to study air conditioning. Have no fear, the 3 top things you should know before having air conditioning installed are right here. Essentially, when installing an air conditioner there are three main concerns: size, efficiency, and installation.


According to recent studies, ? to ½ of air conditioners are over sized.

What many people may not realize is that a bigger air conditioner does not necessarily mean a cooler home. In fact, an air conditioning unit that is too big for a home is less efficient. Not only is the price tag higher but the energy bill is too. An air conditioner of the wrong size is costly, noisy, and doesn’t dehumidify the home properly–compromising comfort. It is important to consult a professional in order to ensure that the air conditioning unit is the proper size for the home.


ENERGY STAR products can reduce energy costs by 20-50%

Efficiency is one of the most important considerations while installing an air conditioner. Choosing an air conditioner that is energy efficient will cut spending. When searching for the right air conditioner it is important to keep the efficiency rating in mind. The higher the efficiency rating, the more efficient the air conditioner is. Any product that is ENERGY STAR has been created under strict standards established by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Not only does using an energy efficient air conditioner save on the monthly bills, but it also helps protect the environment by reducing pollution.


Pay for quality.

Many people may be eager to take the cheaper bid, but don’t be fooled. Installing air conditioning is an important long-term investment. Before accepting an offer from a contractor that seems too good to be true, do some research. When searching for a reliable, professional installer, be sure to check the company out first. How long has it been open? Are the technicians HVAC certified? What is BBB rating? Asking these questions in the beginning can cut the hassle from air conditioning installation. When consulting a professional, be sure to ask about references and previous projects. In fact, reputable professional will be happy to give you references to past jobs.

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