Keeping buildings warm during the winter months has been an ongoing task for many centuries. During the Roman empire, people would burn coal underneath buildings. By constantly refilling the furnace with coal throughout the day and night, they were able to heat entire buildings from the ground up. As time went on, the chimney was invented. The need for a better furnace, however, was still at hand. The tedious task of shoveling coal into the furnace and cleaning up the ashes was a lot of work.

The Furnaces Of Today

Today, we use furnaces made of steel, aluminum, or sometimes even copper. Because these furnaces are fueled by gas, there’s no need for cleaning up ashes. Even though this is a revolutionary invention, there are still things to be mindful of. When using gas as fuel, carbon monoxide poisoning can happen. Also, gas leaks that are undetected can lead to fires. Fortunately, the latest models of furnaces have built-in mechanisms that help to avoid these deadly situations.

Signs Of An Outdated Furnace

While current models of furnaces have secondary heat exchangers, older systems only have one. This causes a unit to lose excessive heat through the chimney outlet. If your energy bill is unusually high, this could be why. The new models have secondary heat exchangers that enable up to 90 percent efficiency. If your furnace doesn’t seem to heat up your home very well, it may be a good idea to contact Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning in Commerce City to inspect your heating unit.

Quality Heating And Cooling Company

Furnaces with only one heat exchanger may be obsolete for many households, especially those that must deal with the bitter winter weather in Denver. At Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning, we have NATE-certified technicians who specialize in repair, maintenance, and installation for all models of heating and cooling devices. If you’re interested in swapping out your old furnace for a new system, then contact us today for a free estimate.

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