As an environmentally conscious person, you probably try to recycle as often as possible. Therefore, it’s only sensible that you’d wonder whether furnace filters are recyclable as well. It turns out that simply tossing a filter into the recycling bin isn’t the best way to care for the environment or for your own health.

Put Safety First

Furnace filters can be made from a variety of materials. One of the most common is fiberglass, and that’s a substance you definitely can’t dispose of in your household recycling bin. Unless you specifically know what materials were used to make your filter, it’s a good idea to assume that it contains components that can’t be easily recycled.

You might be considering pulling off the cardboard frame in order to recycle that. After all, cardboard is a commonly recycled material. Before you proceed, though, think about what furnace filters are designed to do. They trap many of the impurities that you don’t want circulating around in the air. Tugging off the cardboard frame is likely to jostle free the dirt and debris that are embedded in the filter. For the sake of not getting your lungs full of impurities, it’s best if you don’t attempt this. In fact, some experts recommend that you immediately slide your used filter into a plastic disposal bag and then cart it right off to your outdoor garbage receptacle.

Look Into Other Eco-Friendly Options

If the thought of pitching every filter makes you cringe, you can investigate alternate disposal methods. You may be able to find a local site that accepts used filters for specialty recycling. Another idea is to look for a company that accepts used filters by mail.

A reusable filter might be an option, but you should use one only if your air conditioner technician recommends it. These filters are eco-friendly because you wash them instead of replacing them. However, if not properly cared for, they could add bacteria or fungi to your air.

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