It’s nice to be warm and comfortable in the winter, but that can come with a price if you’re faced with a high utility bill. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can lower your energy bills in the winter.

Things You Can Do Today

There are several things you can start doing right away to lower your heating bill. First, you can simply turn down the thermostat a few degrees. While every system is different, you could potentially save hundreds of dollars a season.

Since hot air rises, you can use any ceiling fans in your favor. There should be a little switch near the center of the fan that can switch the direction of the blades. When you reverse things, the fan will push hot air down from the ceiling.

One more easy thing you can do is close your curtains at night and open them up during the day. This lets you take advantage of solar heat and increases your home’s insulation when the sun goes down.

Long-Term Strategies That We Can Help You With

Regular maintenance is important in keeping a heating system running efficiently, especially with the winters we can experience in the Denver region. You can have our team at Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning take a look to see if there are any filters we need to change out, dust or debris we have to remove, and leaks we need to address. When your system is in good shape, it won’t have to work as hard for the same result.

Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning can also help you upgrade your system. With modern advancements, the efficiency of a new furnace or boiler could be significantly greater than an older one. You might consider having us install a replacement for you if your old unit is hitting the 10-year mark soon. A smaller-scale approach would be to install a smart thermostat that can let you fine-tune your schedule and only heat your home when you’re there.

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