Candles make a room smell great, and many people use them to provide a calmer, more relaxing environment. For thousands of years, people have used candles for light, heat, and to send signals. In emergencies, candles are necessary even in the modern age.

Even in the days of electric light, candles are so popular that they are one of the most common gifts. Unfortunately, candles can have a negative effect on the air inside any building where they’re being used.

How Do Candles Affect Indoor Air Quality Negatively?

When a substance burns, it produces soot and releases smoke into the air. Burning materials can be carcinogenic, which is dangerous for any living creature inside the building.

Candles may also be made from low-quality, cheap materials. Some materials are safer than others, such as hard candies made from soy or beeswax.

Are There Ways To Mitigate the Damage?

First, make sure you use candles made from safer materials, and immediately stop using any candles that cause an allergic reaction. Use candles that are made well, and be especially careful with the wicks.

Never use a candle with multiple wicks, and don’t use candles that have the wrong wick size. Cut the wick down so only about a quarter of an inch or so is left.

Keep candles away from areas with large drafts. This will keep the flame low, and it will also be extra prevention against fires. Even though they smell good, try to avoid candles with artificial scents. The materials that make the smell will be released into the air.

Other Steps You Can Take

Make sure you keep your home well ventilated. Your air conditioning system can help to circulate air through your home. An air treatment system will also clean the air as it cycles through your home.

Replace the filter in your air conditioning unit as needed, which will mean once a month for many people. Also, keep your ducts and registers clean. Don’t give debris a chance to build up.

Your Indoor Air Quality Experts

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