Updated August 3, 2023

Because each home is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question “what’s the best furnace?” Whether you opt for a geothermal heat pump or a traditional oil-burning furnace, you’ll want to consider factors like your home’s size, your typical heating needs, and your budget. Learn more about how some of the most common heating systems stack up for Denver metro homeowners.

Oil Furnace

These furnaces use heating oil to generate heat; a series of fans then circulates this heated air through your home’s HVAC ducts. Oil furnaces are most commonly powered through an oil tank located in a home’s backyard.

One advantage of oil heating is its flexibility—not only do these furnaces accommodate heating oil, many modern oil-burning furnaces can be fairly easily converted to run on biodiesel fuel. If you have a cheap supply of used vegetable oil, you may be able to distill your own biodiesel and essentially heat your home for free.

Gas Furnace

Gas furnaces operate much like oil-burning ones but use propane or another natural gas as a heat source. While some gas furnaces, like oil furnaces, use a holding tank to supply this gas, others can be connected to a municipal gas supply. Gas furnaces can be an ideal option for heating large homes, as these furnaces can quickly raise a home’s temperature by several degrees in an energy-efficient way.

Heat Pump

Unlike gas and oil furnaces, heat pumps extract heat from the surrounding air or rely on the ground’s own semi-constant temperature as a heat source. These pumps essentially act as a reverse air conditioner, with a condensing unit to extract this heat and push heated air through the HVAC fans. Heat pumps are highly efficient and can be a great option for the cost-conscious consumer.

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