Xcel Energy Rebates

New Equipment SEERNew Equipment EERNew Equipment RebateTrade-In Rebate
The rebate is paid according to the lesser value of SEER/EER. Example: A customer who installs a 16 SEER with a 12.5 EER will receive a $350 rebate.
Note: Customers who trade in an old unit for a 14.5 to 14.99 SEER system will receive only the trade-in rebate and are not eligible for the new equipment rebate.
COLORADO 2015–2016 Heating System Rebates for existing home equipment replacement or new construction installation
ApplianceEfficiencyEQUIPMENT AFUE 2015–2016 REBATE
Furnace95% AFUE$120
Plus, use less energy to heat your home while lowering your heating costs and your environmental impact.
Note: Rebate levels are subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions apply.
Heat Pumps
Efficiency Rating Rebate ENERGY STAR®-qualified, closed-loop systems, with a minimum 3.3 COP and 14.1 EER rating $300 per ton.
Note: Local, state or federal tax credits or rebates may also be available for energy-efficient home improvements. Ask your tax advisor or visit energystar.gov.

Black Hills Energy

Furnace94% to 95.9% AFUE$325
? 96% AFUE$400
Duct repair & sealing< 6 CFM25 per 100 sq. ft. of conditioned space (duct blaster or blower door test required)70% of cost up to $200
Duct insulationR-870% of cost up to $150

Tri-State/United Power

United Power Rebate
Ground-Source Heat Pump-closed loop$150/ton$200/ton
Air-Source Heat Pump with non-electric backup$150/ton$100/ton
Air-Source Heat Pump with Electric Resistance backup$125/ton$100/ton
Terminal Unit – 12,000 BTU per hr. min. DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR ENERGY STAR BONUS$85/unit$75/unit
BONUS: Energy Star® rated units2-3 tons$100
3 ton or higher$150
For applications where more than 10 units are installed in one facility, the incentive is negotiable and budgetary constaints my apply.