Xcel Energy Rebates

New Equipment SEER New Equipment EER New Equipment Rebate Trade-In Rebate
14.5 12.0 $0 $500
15.0 12.5 $350 $500
16.0 13.0 $500 $500
17.0 13.0 $650 $500
The rebate is paid according to the lesser value of SEER/EER. Example: A customer who installs a 16 SEER with a 12.5 EER will receive a $350 rebate.
Note: Customers who trade in an old unit for a 14.5 to 14.99 SEER system will receive only the trade-in rebate and are not eligible for the new equipment rebate.
COLORADO 2015–2016 Heating System Rebates for existing home equipment replacement or new construction installation
Appliance Efficiency EQUIPMENT AFUE 2015–2016 REBATE
Furnace 95% AFUE $120
ECM $100
Plus, use less energy to heat your home while lowering your heating costs and your environmental impact.
Note: Rebate levels are subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions apply.

Black Hills Energy

Equipment Qualifiers Rebate
Furnace 94% to 95.9% AFUE $325
? 96% AFUE $400
Duct repair & sealing < 6 CFM25 per 100 sq. ft. of conditioned space (duct blaster or blower door test required) 70% of cost up to $200
Duct insulation R-8 70% of cost up to $150

Tri-State/United Power

Equipment Qualifiers Tri-State
United Power Rebate
Air-Source Heat Pump with non-electric backup $150/ton $100/ton
Air-Source Heat Pump with Electric Resistance backup $125/ton $100/ton
Terminal Unit – 12,000 BTU per hr. min. DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR ENERGY STAR BONUS $85/unit $75/unit
BONUS: Energy Star® rated units 2-3 tons $100
3 ton or higher $150
For applications where more than 10 units are installed in one facility, the incentive is negotiable and budgetary constaints my apply.