No one likes to pay high utility bills, and it’s kind of inevitable in harsh Colorado winters. You can reduce your next month’s energy usage with just a few simple steps. For a small cost, or in some cases no investment, you can set yourself up to save for years to come. Here are some ideas from the professionals:

  1. 7-12% of heat loss occurs through a home’s doors and windows. Be sure yours are sealed as tightly as possible. If your weather stripping is worn, it will be worth the minimal cost and effort to replace it. Caulking around windows can help cut drafts too. It can be done in less than an hour and can make a big impact.
  2. Add some insulation to your outlets. If you take off your outlet cover, you’ll likely see a hole. This could lead to wasted energy. Use latex caulk or foam sealant to fill in gaps. Consider also using outlet plugs in outlets you don’t use frequently.
  3. Plug holes around pipes, gas lines, or electrical cables that go to the exterior of your home. Use expanding foam to fill in the space and eliminate drafts and the potential of pests getting in.
  4. If you live alone, consider a small, energy-efficient space heater. It can be a waste to heat an entire house if you are just sitting in one room. Consider using a space heater to warm up just the area you are in.

  6. Use a programmable thermostat. Set a program so your heat is only on when you are home or at least is turned down when you aren’t home.

Be sure your heating system is working efficiently. When you need help with your heating residents know to call Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning. We can help keep your furnace maintained so that it is working properly and efficiently for cold Colorado winters. Contact us today!

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