Are you standing shivering in your pajamas, looking for someone who can do emergency furnace repair in Denver Colorado? Your home can be a cold, cold place when your furnace lets you down! If so, look no further than Smith and Willis; we are reliable, efficient, and have a tremendous professional staff who will get your heating up and running in no time at all.

If your furnace has let you down, it’s very likely due to neglected maintenance. It’s a false economy to neglect your HVAC. Just like the vehicle you drive, it needs a regular service to ensure that it doesn’t let you down. With the Smith and Willis maintenance contract, you can relax knowing that they have your heating needs covered, radically reducing the possibility of inconvenient and perhaps expensive heating breakdowns.

There are one or two things that you can check for yourself if your heating seems not to be working. A common issue is due to battery operated thermostats. If your thermostat is battery operated, check the battery; a flat battery might mean your thermostat has stopped functioning, meaning your furnace won’t switch on. It’s a quick fix, and if this tip works for you, that’s great. Better yet sign up for a Smith and Willis regular maintenance program, so our qualified team can come along and make sure everything’s running smoothly, and that you aren’t going to experience the hassle of a furnace breakdown.

The kinds of routine checks that they will carry out during the service include changing filters – we will even show you how to make regular filter changes yourself. We’ll check the electronic ignition, or pilot, depending on the kind of system you are running, to make sure that there is no clogging, and that all the electrical wiring is fully functioning and undamaged. (We quite frequently find rodent damage – and we always look out for this). We’ll ensure that your thermostat is working correctly – another frequent source of problems are blower fans, and they’ll be checking the limiter switches.

If you think that your system is running OK, but your home never seems to be warm, you may have a simple issue – your HVAC might be too small for your home. Sometimes people add on extra rooms and forget that this might mean that the limit of their HVAC has been reached. Or it could be that the person who installed your heating in the first place made a false economy by putting in a system which wasn’t man enough for the job in hand.

It makes sense for you to have Smith and Willis call round and evaluate your heating and cooling needs. If your system is ten years or more old, chances are it’s time for an upgrade, or at the very least an extensive overhaul. We will give you an honest opinion as to whether your heating system can be made to give more years of goods service, properly maintained of course, or whether a new system is what you actually need.

If you do need a new furnace, or perhaps a complete new system, Smith and Willis have the best deals around – and we offer financing options with approved credit, so you can buy now and pay over time.

If the worst happens you do need an emergency furnace repair, Denver Colorado folks have one go to solution – and that’s Smith and Willis – friendly, efficient, highly skilled, courteous and reasonably priced. Once we have your heating back on and the whole house is toasty, why not take the chance to sit down with one of the Smith and Willis experts and take a good look at the best options for the continued comfort of your home. Emergency furnace repair, Denver Colorado style means the helpful people at Smith and Willis.

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