Humidifiers offer an array of benefits. At Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning in Commerce City, CO, we recommend that all homeowners consider having one installed. These machines make it more difficult for certain germs like the influenza virus to survive and spread. Humidifiers also reduce snoring and protect your wood floors and furniture. Read on to learn more about these benefits.

Fall Ill Less Often

Humidifiers reduce germs inside your home that cause illnesses like the flu. The influenza virus thrives in dry conditions. When you do fall ill, humidifiers can help ease your symptoms and speed up recovery. Humidifiers moisten the air enough to help prevent irritated throats. Whether your sinuses are dried out or you have a stuffy nose, the humidifier will help.

Stop Or Reduce Snoring

Dry air can cause or worsen snoring. When there isn’t enough moisture in the air, your throat may swell and your nose can become congested. These symptoms contribute to snoring. Since you’ll have more difficulty breathing in through your nose, you may have to breathe (and snore) through your nose.

Protects Wood Floors And Furniture

Another benefit of humidifiers that not many people are aware of is that they help extend the lifespan of your wood floors and wood furniture. Wood surfaces inside your home don’t respond well to drastic changes in humidity. If the wood becomes too dry, it’s at risk of cracking or splitting. Dry air can also cause gaps in wood flooring. You should use a whole home humidifier to maintain stable moisture in the air to protect your wood floors and furniture.

Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning is a heating and cooling company that can handle repairs, maintenance, and installations. We also sell high-quality whole-home humidifiers to help improve indoor air quality, protect your wooden floors and furniture, and improve your overall health.

Contact us if you’re looking for a humidifier for your home or you’re in need of our heating and cooling services. We’ll be happy to provide you with some suggestions.

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