There are a few considerations you will need to weigh when choosing an HVAC system for a multi-family home. Your choices will determine the flexibility and comfort of the home’s inhabitants. Let’s have a look at the issues that factor into your choice.

Peak Load Flexibility

When installing a single-family HVAC system, knowing your peak energy demand is a much simpler calculation. In the case that multiple families will be sharing the building, the energy load differential depends on many different factors. If you are in the market to install an HVAC system for a multi-family home in the Commerce City, CO, area, contact Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning today to have a NATE-certified technician advise you on the matter. We’ll make sure you install an HVAC system capable of handling the peak energy demand for your building.

Ease Of Maintenance

Regular maintenance guarantees the efficiency and longevity of your HVAC system. Therefore, your system should be easily accessible to professional technicians. You may eventually want to arrange for a regular, hassle-free maintenance plan.

Provide Separate Access To Controls

Each one of the occupant families in your building will need separate access to controls. They will need to independently access the thermostat. That’s why your system should have intuitive controls that are easily accessible.

Centralized Versus Decentralized Units

A centralized HVAC system tends to cost more and is powered from a central location whereas a decentralized system delivers different air to the individual apartment units and does not operate from within the building. The choice you make will be based on the number of units in your building as well as where you plan on placing the HVAC system. This choice is best made with the help of a reliable HVAC professional.

If you want to make the best choice for your multi-family home’s HVAC system, contact Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning today. Locals count on us for all their heating and cooling needs, including repairs, installations, and maintenance. We also provide quality commercial HVAC services.

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