Most people in get in the confusion of choosing between installing a furnace and a heating pump in their homes. Below are differences between a furnace and heat pump and why you should choose one over the other in Denver.

1. Mode of energy transfer
A heat pump uses a refrigerant to transfer energy that is used to provide suitable temperatures in homes. While as for a furnace, fuel such as coal, fuel oil, natural gas and wood is used to produce energy in homes

2. Energy consumption
Heat pumps are economical when it comes to energy use. The kind of heat produced is clean for consumption. While for a furnace, a lot of fuel is used to produce energy. During burning, residues and odors are emitted as by-products and if used in excess they can be harmful.

3. Functionality and Maintenance
Heat pumps are easy to run and maintain and one does not require a lot of manpower to operate it as compared to furnaces which are less costly but requires a lot of manpower to operate.

4. Suitability
In warm climates, a heat pump is the most preferred because it will help in regulation of temperatures as compared to the furnace which is more suitable for cold climates.

Therefore, the decision to choose between a heat pump and a furnace depends on the electricity cost, climate, and the type of heating you prefer. Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning offers only the highest quality air conditioning and furnace installation. They offer the following services:

  • AC and heat pump replacements
  • Free consultations for new equipment
  • Indoor air quality services
  • 24/7 emergency service

Contact Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning today and they will help you decide what suits you. The team of experts at Smith & Willis Heating & Air Conditioning will consider your situation and help you land on the best plan for you and your family.

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