HVAC energy efficiency begins with the mindset of utilizing less and getting more out of what you have. Since most homes and businesses have HVAC systems that represent a crucial portion of their typical energy costs (approximately 50-60%), energy efficiency is a factor that cannot be ignored at all costs. Today, we will share the top 3 ways to enhance your air conditioner’s energy efficiency.

1. Retrofitting

Are you relocating to a new home or you are just fed up with fixing your old unit? Do you want to buy time before investing in another new system or you want to boost energy efficiency and enjoy better comfort? There are multiple reasons for retrofitting that must be considered if you want to save energy.

According to the Energy Department, you can actually save approximately 35% every year in energy expenses when you improve your AC’s condition by replacing or adding parts. Retrofits not only put off total upgrades but also enhance comfort with consistent humidity and temperature levels. You can retrofit the heating equipment as well as the air conditioner.

Some methods of retrofitting an air conditioner include:

  • Adding condenser fan controls
  • Replacing the compressor
  • Adding air-side economizers to take advantage of the cool air outdoors
  • Adding demand-controlled ventilation

2. Insulating To Avoid Losing the Valuable Conditioned Air

If your office or home is poorly insulated, a lot of conditioned air could be lost to the outside. Fortunately, you can get better AC energy efficiency by trapping in the cooled or heated air. So, consider adding insulation to the windows and walls. Other suspects of energy loss that most people do not consider are ducts, pipes, and outlets. Wrap them with insulation tapes and you will save energy.

3. Be Prompt With Maintenance

Another way to save energy is through maintaining your AC system regularly. This helps to keep your equipment running reliably and maximizes energy efficiency. Be sure to keep all your maintenance appointments at the beginning and end of each cooling or heating season. A reputable HVAC service company can recommend a suitable schedule depending on your usage. This way, you will save money by avoiding expenses that come with costly repairs.

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