Couple enjoying heatingThere are many things that we take for granted in today’s modern world. We don’t usually take the time to think about years ago when common things like heating and cooling systems weren’t readily available. It’s thanks to the ingeniousness of inventors, (probably some really cold ones) hundreds of years ago that created the wonderful furnace that we couldn’t live comfortably without. Here is a walk back through time to pay tribute to the wonderful invention of furnaces.

The Furnace Concept is Thousands Of Years Old

Believe it or not, humans began using fire to cook food all the way back in 1,9000,000 BC. Experts also believe that thousands of years ago, humans used fires to heat their homes and strategically cut holes in their home’s roofs to let the smoke escape.

Fast forward to 2500BC to Rome where it is said that the beautiful people of Greece used radiant heat in their temples. Archaeologists found old flues, that possibly heated these areas. They also found signs that the Roman Empire created central heating systems in upper-class homes and even had furnaces that heated floors and walls.

The Beginning of Central Heating and Chimneys

Let’s move ahead to 1200AD where things started heating up. Central heating enters the picture and homes with wood-burning furnaces and chimneys appear in Europe and once again fire is a universal hero.

More Advancements By Famous Inventors

This brings us to the early 1700s to England where combustion air and outside ducts were invented changing the heating world forever. It is also believed that Peter the Great’s engineers used hot water, air heated systems, very forward thinking for the time.

Then, about 1741, one of our forefathers and American inventors, Benjamin Franklin created the Franklin Stove, the most efficient heating system of the time.

Things continued heating up in the late 1700s. The famous Industrial Revolution inventor, James Watt, created a central boiler and pipe system leading to the very first steam-based heating system he used to heat his home. He must have been the talk of the town.

More recently in 1919, Alice Parker invented central heating that received a patent! Then continuing onto 1935 even more advanced furnaces were invented that used forced convection, electric fans, and ductwork.

Some Of The Same Concepts Are Used Today

Today, some of these same concepts that began so many years ago are still used to heat our homes. Call the experts at Smith and Willis Heating and Air Conditioning to install a system that is perfect for you in the Castle Rock, Longmont, Denver, Commerce City, and surrounding areas!