What to Look for in an Air Conditioning Company

You are constantly sticking to your leather sofa and Fido’s favorite spot is next to an electric fan. You deserve to have a comfortable, cool home. Before making the move to a new AC unit or heat pump, you need to find the right air conditioning company. Whether you’re replacing an older cooling system or installing a new one, finding a trustworthy, AC company to install your AC unit can be time-consuming, bewildering and stressful. Here are some easy steps to follow:

Choose an AC Specialist.
There are many ways to buy an AC unit or heat pump: appliance stores, internet, or even out of the back of a van. By purchasing this way, your supplier is usually responsible for the installation of your cooling system, and few will take responsibility for issues with proper design, installation, and sizing. Insist on a local air conditioning service company like Smith & Willis that installs and supports everything that they sell.

Know Their Qualifications.
When requested, AC installers and technicians should show you verification of both bonding and insurance. Check with a consumer affairs office for any complaints. It’s a huge bonus if a technician is certified by a trade organization to service any residential and commercial cooling equipment, including heat pumps and furnaces. Those organizations regularly assess a technician’s knowledge and make sure they qualified with particular types of equipment and their proper service methods.

Get an Estimate. In Writing.
Ask for a printout of all calculations and assumptions. Please be wary of any AC installer who bases their estimates merely on your house size or some vague company rules they follow. Companies that provide an AC services quote must calculate required cooling capacity. These are a detailed, room-by-room analysis of the cooling needs of your house or business.

Seek Out Referrals.
Ask your family, friends, neighbors and business associates. Those are your best resources. And make sure that any prospective AC repair and install company provides you with a free price quote. That is standard practice.Smith & Willis in Denver provides our all our new customers, as well as our loyal customers, free price quotes 7 days a week with same day service.

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