Anybody who has ever had to deal with the uncomfortably dry skin and allergy symptoms that affect people every winter is probably familiar with the benefits of  humidifiers.  Smaller portable humidifiers are certainly effective in individual rooms or small apartments, but what happens when you need something for an entire house? A portable model isn’t going to cut it, so you will want to install a whole home humidifier.home humidifiers

A whole house humidifier connects to your home’s HVAC system and spreads water vapor through your heating ducts to increase the humidity throughout your home.  Humidity levels can be controlled through your humidistat so you can always be sure that your home will have as much or as little moisture as it needs.

The Benefits of Having a Whole House Humidifier

There are several reasons why you should invest in a whole home humidifier. For starters, it will improve the health of your family.  It is well known that humidifiers help with dry skin, painful dry sinuses, and provide allergy relief but few people know that several diseases thrive in low-humidity environments.  This is why colds, the flu and respiratory infections are common in the winter.  Improving the humidity in your home will reduce the likelihood that you and your family will fall victim to these ailments.

Your health isn’t the only thing that can be improved by a whole house humidifier. Increasing the humidity in your home will also help protect hardwood floors and furniture from damage.  A lack of humidity can cause hardwood to become dry and cracked, and while your favorite furniture won’t be immediately destroyed by a dry winter the years will take their toll. Investing in a humidifier will help extend your furniture’s life.

You could argue that the above two benefits of  a whole house humidifier can be achieved through the strategic use of portable humidifiers.  Installing portable humidifiers in each room will add to your chore list as they require daily maintenance and filling.  The benefit that a whole home humidifier has over portable models is that it is connected directly to your HVAC system.  This means that it will have the same effect on practically every room in your house.  Your home will feel more comfortable even at lower temperatures, and you won’t have to worry about being in the same room as your humidifier to reap its benefits. Additionally a whole house humidifier will save you money  on your energy bill because of this.  Turning the thermostat down a few degrees saves you a surprising amount of energy!

The one major issue that people seem to have with a whole house humidifier is that they will have to have it installed.  Fortunately, a basic humidifier won’t cost too much to install.  As we’ve said before, the unit will install directly to your existing ductwork, and it cost only start at $595 for installation.  On average a portable room humidifier costs $30 each room.  That means it does not take long to get your investment returned from a low maintenance whole home humidifier that typically last for several years.  Also, considering that furnaces and air conditioners can cost thousands of dollars, this isn’t a lot of money, so contact a local HVAC contractor to see what humidifier options may be available for your home.

By Frank Prestwood