Beat the Summer Heat With Efficient AC Services

The summers in Denver can be hot, long, and relentless if you don’t know how to handle them! As a Denver native that has lived all over the state, I’ve gathered some summer tips that all locals should keep in mind:

· Stay hydrated! It’s easy to become dehydrated in the heat, which is both dangerous for your health and bad for regulating your body’s temperature. We sweat to cool our bodies down in the heat, and if you’re dehydrated, your body won’t be able to do what it needs to stay cool.
· On cool nights, open up your windows to drop the temperature of your home. Once the sun is up, close everything up and draw the shades to keep the sun out. This will help your home retain the cool air and stay more comfortable.
· Cook outdoors. Have you ever noticed how much your oven heats up the house? If you opt for cooking on the grill over the summer, you will have a nice cool kitchen to return to when the food is ready.
· Keep your AC system in proper working order. If you’ve never had an air conditioning emergency, you don’t realize just how awful they are. When it comes to air conditioning services in Denver, homeowners recommend Smith & Willis. I have them service my AC unit seasonally, and it’s trustworthy and reliable all summer long!

Your Home’s Insulation and Energy Efficiency Rating

Do you know what the R-value of the outer structure of your home is? If not, it’s worth finding out. The R-value describes thermal resistance for a particular material, such as the materials in your walls, floor, and attic. The higher the R-value, the more well-insulated your home is. You may be wondering why you should concern yourself with the insulation in your home. It’s simple – insulation will save you money, every season of the year.

In the summer, the heat beats down on your house and can raise the indoor temperature, making your AC work harder. In the winter, without insulation, the walls, floor, and attic may hold the cold, making your home chilly and putting additional stress on your furnace. During the spring and fall, the same issues occur. When your AC unit and furnace have to work extra hard to cool and heat your home, your energy bills will be higher than they need to be. Think of it this way – having an uninsulated area is like trying to remove water from a flooded basement when there are still holes letting water in. It’s better to repair the holes and stop water from coming in so you can effectively remove the water inside.

The experts at Smith & Willis have effective air conditioning services designed to bring up the insulation quality and R-value of your home to the recommended level. As the leading choice for Denver AC repair and maintenance, they also have many solutions to boost the energy efficiency of your AC unit.